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Technical solutions delivered on demand, at pace, at scale.

Our Approach

WeShape’s operating model is unique - our team is made up of technical consultants and ex-industry technology recruiters which enables us to identify customer pain-points, build bespoke solutions and mobilise teams rapidly, and at scale. 

We aim to validate, design and build solutions within 48hrs and deploy expertise within 2-weeks. From a governance perspective, we ensure a defined schedule is in place ahead of any engagement and any project consultants or squads deployed are fully aligned with the deliverables.

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Our Engagement Model



Our associates will engage stakeholders across your business to identify: 

- SME skill & capability gaps
- Business critical project demand
- Required levels of technical advisory
- Organisational advisory needed
- Outsourced product delivery demand


Scope & Define

We will work from discovery to formulate a full Statement of Work (SOW) including:

- Overview of requirement
- Agreed outcomes
- Milestones
- Service level & commercials
- Business/Technical assumptions
- Reporting metrics


Bespoke Team Creation

We engage our Associate Network to identify the best technical expertise and build a bespoke team in order to deliver your business requirements.

To achieve this we:

- Engage our Associate Network (Within 48hrs)
- Technical due-diligence by WeShape Project leads
- Statement of Work draft and associated Project team shared with the Customer for final approval
- Deployment of technical squad (2 weeks from project acceptance).


Project Implementation

WeShape Consultants deployed <2 weeks from project confirmation delivering to the agreed statement of work (SOW).

WeShape Project Consultants can work independently, alongside Customer teams and external vendor partners where required.


Reporting & Governance

Deliverables reviewed through weekly sprints. Monthly business reporting ensures technical and business alignment.

Clear reporting and accountability structure in place to ensure deliverables are achieved and potential issues are quickly resolved.

Our Network

WeShape’s Associate Network sits within the top 5% of the technology market. Our consultants are technical experts (DevOps, Digital, Data and Cloud etc.) and come from within our direct networks. They are pre-referenced and further vetted by our Technical Practice Leads who validate their technical expertise and cultural fit depending on customer requirements.

We are Technology and Cloud agnostic providing expertise within GCP DevOps, AWS DevOps and Azure DevOps.

We engage experienced Interim Consultants – professionals with a laser-focus on providing immediate value through outcome-based solutions, whilst ensuring your teams are fully up-skilled during the process.

 Our network reach enables us to deploy consultants rapidly, and at scale.

Why are we unique?

By utilising our extensive and trusted Associate network, we can deploy expertise to projects within 48 hours.

By working to a robust, outcome based, statement of work, we can give full assurance of project delivery.

Our Associate Network allows us to match the right expert(s) with your particular pain point.

Our solutions are scalable to demand, allowing us to adjust team sizes according to project needs.

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