March 12, 2024

Migrating on-premise solution for a leading online betting company

Migrating on-premise solution for a leading online betting company


A leading technology company in the online betting space engaged WeShape to carry out a migration of their on-premise solution. WeShape successfully carried out the migration to address issues with their existing environment and enabled in-house operators to more effectively manage and debug applications. 

About Our Client:

Our client is a leading technology company revolutionising the online betting space, particularly casino games, fintech, and software solutions, by focusing on areas including Software Development, Product Management, Design, and Analytics. 

The Problem:

Our client was experiencing various pain points with an existing on-premise solution environment and needed help migrating it with a lift-shift style migration.


  • Using Terraform to define around 30 core GCP Compute instances
  • Removing load balancer complexity with the help of the Global Cloud Load Balancing service, in turn, allowed for much more simplified routing and DNS logic
  • Utilising Cloud Monitoring & Logging to ingest and query all application logs

Technologies Used:

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Terraform
  • VPC
  • Cloud NAT
  • Cloud VPN
  • Cloud SQL service 


  • The switchover completed successfully
  • 70 on-premise VMs decommissioned,  reducing operational costs and complexities
  • Security posture improved, with the new environment significantly reducing possible attack vectors for the client
  • Infrastructure audited and managed by the infrastructure-as-code
  • Operators enabled by the Cloud Monitoring & Logging suite to more effectively manage and debug applications running in the environment 


The solution was migrated successfully, proving the visibility of the life-and-shift approach and providing the client with a template for future migrations going forward. Various technologies were utilised to address the challenges faced by the client in the legacy environment. 

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