February 19, 2024

Building application architecture for leading software company

Building application architecture for leading software company


A leading software company engaged WeShape to solve challenges in their mobile application development infrastructure. By engaging our extensive associate network, WeShape successfully deployed a specialist consultant within 72 hours to help revolutionise our client’s processes and enhance efficiency. 

About Our Client:

Our client is a leading technology company specialised in providing a no-code, AI-powered app development platform which enables users to build and operate software projects. 

The Problem:

Our client relied on auto-generated templates built from Generative AI, utilising React and React Native components. However, the existing codebase, managed by custom Python scripts, struggled with technical debt and lacked the flexibility to handle the creation, deployment, and management of iOS and Android applications. Additionally, the management of MacOS build machines was suboptimal, with iOS developers often working on their local machines.


  • Rebuilding iOS pipelines for efficient application development
  • Implementing Ansible playbooks for the management of MacOS build machines
  • Developing custom Fastlane Ruby coding for automating iOS build steps
  • Establishing custom BSD networking rules and provisioning to enhance the security of macOS build machines
  • Creating a custom API Server and Clients in Python and NodeJS to handle Two Factor Authentication (2FA) parsing and supply
  • Conducting ad hoc Azure Kubernetes maintenance and management to optimise the existing infrastructure

Technologies Used:

  • Fastlane
  • Ansible
  • Kubernetes / Azure / AKS
  • Python / NodeJS


  • A fully automated end-to-end build process for iOS applications using React Native.
  • Implementation of a dedicated iOS Gitlab pipeline.
  • Integration of custom Server/Client applications handling Two-factor SMS authentication to Apple’s services.
  • Automatic management of all machines, including self-healing actions triggered by monitoring events.
  • Provisioning playbooks handed over to support teams for the efficient management of MacOS build machines.


The project was executed with a sense of urgency with successful results delivered a month ahead of schedule.


Through strategic planning, meticulous execution, and the integration of cutting-edge technologies, WeShape successfully addressed our client's challenges, providing a robust and automated foundation for their mobile application development.

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