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There are so many obstacles impacting businesses, from modernising technology and processes to budgets and cyber security threats, which all lead into the toughest obstacle, accessing the best technology talent, whilst retaining your existing talent.

The market is busier than ever and we have a massive skills shortage - which makes delivering projects far more difficult. It’s a universal problem.

Technology is evolving rapidly, businesses are becoming more reliant on technology and modernisation - the result is that demand for tech talent significantly outweighs supply.

In the short term, the answer for businesses is in working with the right partners, but more importantly it is investing in new talent, supporting development programmes and ensuring your team is fully supported through training and shadowing the best engineers.

Our technical training includes utilisation of modern tools, best practices, Cloud, Containers, IAC and optimisation. We also provide Agile, Scrum, Product Delivery and DDD Event Storming training to enhance your business processes and adoption techniques (all audience levels and organisation sizes catered to).

Having any of these problems?

Team retention and training
Enterprise-level adoption and capacity building
Implementation of best practices and level of standardisation
Up-skilling in house team to meet new technology demands
Optimisation of tools, processes and documentation
Our Solution

WeShape create bespoke training and workshops for our customers to ensure future self sufficiency. Our training caters to all technology and organisational requirements and is delivered by industry experts aligned to your business capabilities and skills gaps.

Different modes of training 
1. Pairing/Shadowing 
2. Intermittent team training 
3. Structured training programmes

We deliver bespoke workshop sessions, leveraging internal capabilities and expertise to accelerate adoption of processes and tooling.

We can provide your business with the following:
- Bespoke training and coaching packages
- Onsite or remotely delivered training
- Training delivered by industry leading experts who have commercial experience
- Workshops tailored to any size or level of audience
- No requirement to spend beyond the workshop session


- Help to mitigate against potential capability and skills gaps within your team
- Support with team retention in a competitive market for talent
- Accelerate enterprise level adoption of best practices
- Build a blueprint of best practices and standards (documentation, tooling choices and utilisation)
- Learn and adopt newer technologies and how to implement them properly
- Less reliance on consultancies and more engaged teams
- Identify gaps within the team and where third party support may add incremental value

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