Technical Squads

Supercharge your technology platforms

Want a ready-made technical squad to deliver specific products/projects? We deploy pre-gelled teams to advise, lead and implement technical solutions.

WeShape Technical Squads are the ideal solution when looking to advance your technology platforms, supplement internal skills & capability gaps or scale your engineering capability for large scale transformations.

We focus on three primary areas:

1) Bootstrapping technology projects: Brownfield/Greenfield environments

2) Acceleration of technical delivery: Design, build and implementation of technical solutions

3) Full product delivery - Are you looking to outsource product development or require a team to compliment your in-house capabilities?

Having any of these problems?

The Problem

Complex issues sometimes require expert solutions and external validation, therefore it's important to engage a specialist Partner who can help accelerate and support your team in achieving both your business and technical goals.

Our Solution

WeShape engage our bench and network of experts – some of the brightest minds within the industry – and will build a bespoke Technical Squad to support the delivery of your technical roadmap rapidly, at scale.

We can work independently, as a blended team or on a fractional basis to meet your project demands.


Engaging one of the largest talent pools within the market, we can deploy our Technical Squads within two weeks, headed-up by one of our experienced Squad Leads. Our solutions are tailored, designed for maximum impact and are cost-effective.

The Problem

Today's businesses face significant risk when capability and skills gaps are allowed to develop – everything from delayed project deadlines and a reduced ability to implement certain technologies and methods are among the many potential pitfalls.

Unfortunately, recruiting a permanent hire to bridge the divide isn’t always a possibility – plus it's a process that can last months. On top of this, IR35 legislation has impacted the way businesses are able to engage contractors – so a flexible, compliant and cost-effective solution is needed. That’s where our on-demand technical squads can provide significant value.

Our Solution

Our core team is made up of technical consultants and ex industry technology recruiters which enables us to identify your technical pain points, define the deliverables and mobilise expert technical squads rapidly, at scale.


WeShape Technical Squads arrive fully-briefed and ready for action. They have a focus on accelerated delivery, streamlining and simplifying your processes to ensure projects are executed and production-ready. Your internal engineering capability will be up-skilled by WeShape Squads with DevOps methods, processes, tooling and best engineering practices.

The Problem

Capability and skills gaps can have a huge impact on your business – such as delayed project deadlines and your ability to implement different technologies and methods. Recruiting takes time and resources – and is often not the correct solution for short- and mid-term issues.

Our Solution

WeShape has a deep focus on technical delivery within the DevOps, Software Engineering Cloud and Data markets and we can deploy Technical Squads within two weeks to work with your internal engineering teams.

Our teams come pre-assembled and are highly motivated to help you unravel complex issues in order to find the solutions that will allow you to accelerate your immediate goals.


WeShape squads will focus on your business-critical projects through accelerated engineering delivery. Our flexible on-demand model will be tailored to your exact needs and is designed to deliver on a technical outcome. WeShape squads will ensure your internal teams are fully self-sufficient when we phase off the project.

The Problem

WeShape customers often need reassurance or support in building technical roadmaps and knowing which technical products and methods to implement.

In today's tech landscape, choices can seem overwhelming – which is why it makes sense to partner up with a team of experts who have a proven track record.

Our Solution

WeShape bring together experienced engineers who have built technical capabilities for large enterprises, public sector organisations and start-ups.

Our Technical Squads can ensure you get the most out of your technical environments, recommend the best tools and optimise where required to ensure you are set up for success.

We will also ensure your team is fully up to speed on the respective tooling and processes.


WeShape technical squads focus on improving operational efficiency and reducing downtime, using cutting edge products and solutions through proper planning, operational preparation, organised deployment, and ongoing performance measurement of IT enterprise Network, Servers and Applications.

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