March 11, 2024

Transforming a digital learning platform's developer experience

Transforming a digital learning platform's developer experience


A digital learning platform engaged WeShape to build ephemeral environments to transform their developer experience. By tapping into our extensive consultant network, WeShape helped our client address their current challenges while training their in-house teams on how to make the most out of the platforms after our project exit.

About Our Client:

Our client is an e-learning provider which aims to transform digital learning experiences by creating the best possible online and blended learning environment with their platform.

The Problem:

Our client was experiencing bugs on their systems but at the same time looking to roll out new features and lacked the necessary environments and tools to tackle these concurrently. 


  • Building a new Kubernetes cluster in AWS EKS that scales on demand
  • Creating Kubernetes namespaces to enable ephemeral environments to run with logical separation, in turn allowing the standard release pipeline to deploy the required code into the environment

Technologies Used:

  • Terraform
  • Helm
  • Crossplane
  • Circle CI


  • Ephemeral environments that were integrated with our client’s branching strategy
  • A code that provisioned the environments as part of an automated pipeline which was triggered when a new branch was pushed with the required flags to enable the ephemeral environment


The project was executed successfully over four months. 


WeShape delivered the ephemeral environments with success, which allowed several copies of the production environment to be provisioned independently to be used to test new features and fix bugs. By partnering closely with our client’s internal teams, we also helped upskill their task force to ensure they can make use of these environments and carry on day-to-day administration and housekeeping after our engagement.

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