April 6, 2022

Providing domain driven design process support to Naked Wines

Providing domain driven design process support to Naked Wines

About Naked Wines

Naked Wines is an online international wine retailer, which aims to get its members world-class wines for less money. The company operates via a unique crowd-funding basis, whereby 'Angels' contribute a monthly amount which is then used to fund independent, talented winemakers from around the world, in return for exclusive deals on wines of their choice. As of 2020, the company operates in the UK, the USA and Australia.

What we did for Naked Wines

Naked Wines reached out to us to support the initiation of a Domain Driven Design process as a part of a technology transformation initiative. Our team provided industry leading expertise to support the formulation, setup and facilitation of a big picture event storming workshop. Our teams expertise also enabled guidance in all aspects of running the workshop.

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