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Senior Business Development Lead 
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Published on
November 20, 2023
Client Partnership Manager
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Published on
October 12, 2023
Talent Acquisition Lead - Europe
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Our values


We never stop, we never quit, and we never settle on a project. For this reason, we rise early and ready to work everyday.


Internally every member is accountable for their department and as a business we are accountable to our clients.


We encourage and promote thinking outside the box to develop unique solutions to complex challenges. This means we are not afraid to take calculated risks.


We value honesty, transparency, and dedication to doing what is best for our employees, clients and suppliers.

Our growth journey

April 2019
WeShape Founded

Our directors start the business with an aim to produce rapid project turnaround times and build a reliable, highly-skilled consultancy network.

September 2019
London Tech Leaders Founded

London Tech Leaders is founded as a subsidiary of WeShape, with the aim of building a diverse and passionate community of senior tech leaders across London and the UK.

February 2020
WeShape diversifies into the Public Sector

Looking to provide solutions in different markets, WeShape makes a conscious decision to tap into a new category: Public Sector.

January 2021
Team doubled to 6

In the space of just a few short months, Talent Acquisition, Marketing, and Sales hires are made.

May 2021
Team of 40 consultants reached

The consultant team doubles in size to become 40 strong in just eight months.

February 2022
Internal team scaled to 12

New Talent Acquisition, Marketing and Account Development Hires join the team.

March 2022
WeShape wins first award

WeShape wins Best Consulting Firm at the 2022 Computing DevOps Excellence Awards.

May 2022
WeShape Future Leaders is established

Focuses on training leadership and management skills.

July 2022
Business Declares Commitment, B-Corp and ISO27001 certified

When signing the Business Declares Commitment we established our to be net zero by 2023 by reducing our emissions and impact on biodiversity. Passed B-Corp certification with an above average score of 91.5 (80 qualifies as B-Corp Certified). ISO27001 ensures that we handle and respect our customers’ data securely.

July 2022
Tech Pathway introduces Fast Trackers

Tech Pathway employs the first Fast Tracker

November 2022
WeShape win second award

WeShape win the Services Company of the Year at the UK IT Industry Awards by Computing.

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UK IT Industry Awards Winner
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ISO 27001
DevOps award win
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