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Our mission is to provide expertise on demand, at scale, in order to solve the hardest technical and organisational challenges and to deliver continuous and lasting value – whilst having a positive impact on all stakeholders.

We are proud to be a Certified B Corporation.
See how we are having a positive impact on...

Find out how we're having a positive impact on:


Our environmental focus is always to be a force for good. And we don't just say this lightly, we want to back this up with real action. That is why we have committed to measure and offset our carbon emissions. Specifically, we:

  • Measure our scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions to global GHG standards
  • Work with Ecoligi to offset carbon emissions
  • Have a Supplier policy that prioritises local and low-carbon vendors
  • Provide training to all our employees on lowering their own carbon emissions
  • Are a signatory of Business Declares to publicly commit and hold ourselves accountable to environmental efforts

KPI: Lower carbon emissions across scope 1, 2 and 3
Previous year: Currently at 11 tCO2e per employee 2021
How we're tracking: Currently at 7.41tCO2e per employee


Caring for our community is a core pillar of the business we want to build. We give back to our community in a number of ways, including:

  • Partnering with the East London Business Alliance to provide volunteering opportunities in our local communities
  • Working with local charities to give opportunities within WeShape to underrepresented local talent
  • Establishing the WeShape Tech Pathway - partnering with coding bootcamp Le Wagon to provide a comprehensive training and careers package for this from disadvantaged background.
  • Working with our partner events platform London Tech Leaders to provide an annual 'Tech for Good' event, focused on encouraging discussion around new and innovative ways that technology can be used to positively impact the community
  • Unconscious bias training for our employees to learn how to mitigate the effects of unconscious biases on judgement

KPI: Use our volunteering days to make a positive impact on our local community, especially in regards to giving underprivileged communities access to the technology market
How we're tracking: 10 volunteering days used in 2022
Previous year:
4 volunteering days used in Q1


WeShape was established to add value rapidly, on-demand and at scale for our customers. Our customers trust us implicitly to deliver a positive outcome beyond just delivering to our statement of work. Beyond our day to day, we ensure we're delivering a positive impact by:

  • Working to DPA18 standards to ensure our customers' data is handled with care
  • Drafting our SLAs to ensure we run projects with a focus on cost quality and time
  • Providing dedicated account managers for each customer
  • Ensuring our marketing and sales efforts are governed by ethical policies
  • Achieving ISO27001 certification status to make sure our customers' data is safely secured
  • Attaining multiple awards acknowledging our high customer satisfaction and standard of delivery

KPI: Ensure our Customer Net Promoter Score is above 30
How we're tracking: 36 NPS in 2022
Previous year:
29 NPS in 2021


Our employees are the heart of our business, and treating them well acts as a multiplier for the impact we can have on our other stakeholders. We want all of our employees to grow during their time at WeShape, both personally and professionally. We add value to our employees' growth by:

  • Providing an allocated L&D budget and time for every employee
  • Offering above average holiday allowance, parental leave
  • Offering stock options for employees post probation
  • Ensuring company matched donations to charity

KPI: Ensure our Employee Net Promoter Score is above 30
How we're tracking: 82 NPS
Previous year:  89 NPS


Our Associates are deployed across the UK, delivering value to our customers every day. Working as an Associate for WeShape means so much more than just another role - we aim to add value by:

  • Close liaison with our core team through online channels and quarterly meetups
  • Offering associates the opportunity to gain technical certifications, with dedicated L&D time
  • Providing thought leadership opportunities with our event communities
  • WeShape are a signatory of the Tech Talent Charter, codifying our commitment to diversity amongst our Associates

KPI: Ensure our Associate Net Promoter Score is above 30
How we're tracking: 43 NPS
Previous year: 75 NPS


Without our suppliers, we couldn’t function as a business. We have two core focuses on supplier relations; ensuring we work with suppliers who replicate our values, and treating all of our suppliers with care. We are keen to build sustainable and representative relationships across our supply chain with equal opportunities for all. To ensure our suppliers are having a positive impact overall, we:

  • Focus on increasing diversity in our supply chain
  • Operate a supplier screening policy to ensure our suppliers replicate our core values
  • We are a signatory of the Prompt Payment Code, and always paying a fair price for products
  • Have a policy to treat all of our suppliers with care, dignity and respect

KPI: Over 30% of our top suppliers to be majority-owned by an underrepresented group.
How we're tracking: Currently tracking at 20% supplier diversity
Previous year: 20% supplier diversity

*Majority-owned by an underrepresented group. Underrepresented communities refer to individuals who have traditionally not had access to economic opportunities because of discrimination or other societal barriers.

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