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Our mission is to provide expertise on demand, at scale, in order to solve the hardest technical and organisational challenges and to deliver continuous and lasting value – whilst having a positive impact on all stakeholders.

We are proud to be a Certified B Corporation.
See how we are having a positive impact on...

Find out how we're having a positive impact on:


After becoming B-corp certified last year, looking at our environmental impact continues to be a key focus.

Some of our key highlights include:

  • Made ourselves more accountable by refining our reporting process, which saw the percentage of activity-based data increase from 6% to 27%.
  • Outlined different strategies to lower emission in targeted areas and see emission drops in 'travel and commuting' by 10% and 'energy' by 4%.

2023 performance: Lower carbon emissions across scope 1, 2 and 3
2026 target: Achieve net zero through a combined effort or reduction and carbon offsetting


As a B-corp organisation, ensuring we give back to our community remains a top priority. 

Some of our key highlights include:

  • Partnered with East London Business Alliance (ELBA) as a corporate partner to help further their community outreach programs.
  • Continued to volunteer at non-profits within our community and saw overall volunteering time go up
  • Made charitable donations throughout the year to further support different organisations in the community, including Speak Street, Whipps Cross Hospital, Prince's Trust, Redbridge food bank and Ivy Street Family Centre.

2023 performance: 11 overall volunteering days with a 90% participation rate across the teams
2026 target: 1 volunteering day per person per year (on average) with a 100% participation rate from our employees


As we continue to grow, ensuring we uphold our service levels as we look to expand and diversify our customer base remains critical.

Some of our key highlights include:

  • Grew our Client Partnership team to cater to the increased customer demand
  • Organised procurement roundtable to better understand pain points around relationship management
  • Partnered with Tech Academy and scaled up nearshore delivery capabilities to better cater to diversify offerings and better cater to customer needs

2023 performance: NPS score of 21
2026 target:
NPS score of 50


Employees are at the core of WeShape’s business model to forging better stakeholder relationships and creating a positive impact across all pillars of our business, with our customers, suppliers, and associates. Our conscious effort to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace as we continue to expand has been one of our main focuses in the past year. 

Some of our key highlights include:

  • Grew our team by 78% as we welcomed 14 new team members to accommodate the company's growth
  • Achieved a leadership (Exco) gender breakdown of 50%/50%
  • Expanded our DEI committee and had regular meetings to reflect on our journey, identify areas of improvement and suggest plans of action
  • Continued our focus on learning & development where over 30% of our employees were promoted in 2023

2023 performance: eNPS score of 83 (compared to industry average of 27)
2026 target:
eNPS score of 87


Our extensive associate network is one we pride ourselves on and a key stakeholder to our business. Ensuring we make a continuous effort to foster better relationships with our associates remains a top priority for us, especially our Talent Acquisition team.

Some of our key highlights include:

  • Hosted quarterly socials throughout the year as additional opportunity to connect with our associates outside of work
  • Provided different opportunities to help our associates grow and develop their careers, including GCP and AWS certification sponsorships, Tech Academy mentoring opportunities, and more
  • Partnered with Le Wagon to better support the up-and-coming tech talent and set them up for success

2023 performance: Associate eNPS score of 60
2026 target:
Associate eNPS score of 60


Suppliers play a key role in facilitating smooth operations, which is why it remains a high priority for us to ensure we partner with suppliers that reflect our values as we continue to strive to build a personable relationship with them.

Some of our key highlights include:

  • Conducted annual supplier review to ensure we partner with suppliers that represent what we stand for
  • Switched employee and recognition supplier to better align with our people strategy and company value

2023 performance: Had 60% of our suppliers being local and 40% of our suppliers being majority-owned or led by underrepresented groups
2026 target:
Have 50% of our suppliers being local and 50% of our suppliers being majority-owned or led by underrepresented groups

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