May 14, 2024

Delivering frontend solutions for a leading tech company in the online betting space

Delivering frontend solutions for a leading tech company in the online betting space


A leading technology company within the online betting space engaged WeShape to deliver a new frontend that enables fast and flexible management of their website along with an extensively documented API that can be easily replicated. 

About Our Client:

Our client is a leading technology company revolutionising the online betting space, particularly casino games, fintech, and software solutions, with a focus on areas like Software Development, Product Management, Design, and Analytics. 

The Problem:

Our client was experiencing difficulties where new sites and features could not be created and deployed efficiently with additional performance issues with their front-end.


  • Developing a Proof of Concept based on the client’s stack choices
  • Implementing intersection observer with Angular directives and additional data tags in all repositories that render within templates to help address glitches at page loads
  • Streamlining observables and rendering order to improve performance on Carousel component by rendering it at the server
  • Breaking up the platform’s monorepo to minimise the risk of jeopardising the entire ecosystem when undertaking activities the internal systems are not attuned to


  • Produced Svelte and Preact components and prepared relevant workflows as part of the Proof of Concept sample page implementation, which was then demonstrated to the executive council
  • Conducted performance improvements and achieved the performance targeting LCP of 2 seconds
  • Created a new repository to separate customer-use modules from internally-used packages, and conducted extensive manual testing and end-to-end test cases to ensure nothing was broken on either side of the ecosystem
  • Documented API iteratively and extensively to support a frontend agnostic system, allowing it to be replicated at ease when required 
  • Client’s monorepo became very lean, in turn also enabling platform upgrades into the latest Angular version


The project was executed successfully over six months. 


Through close collaboration between the project team (including Tech Academy developer), WeShape’s Client Development team and the client's technical team, WeShape successfully addressed our client’s challenges, delivering a frontend solution that can be easily managed and replicated at ease.

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