Working at WeShape

To work for WeShape is to work in a fun, fast-paced startup environment alongside a talented and growing team. We work with some of the world’s leading brands to deliver expertise with industry leading turnaround times. Our team has a real lack of red tape and bureaucracy, where all employees are given a voice in brainstorming and business decisions, as well as sustained learning and development support along the way. All of our employees are given ownership responsibilities from day-one, with real opportunities to fast track development with a sustained proactive work ethic. Our team also runs some of the biggest technology events around, where employees have unique opportunities to meet senior leaders at iconic brands and learn from some of the best in the industry.

Meet the team

Chris Monticolombi

Director & Co-founder

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Alex Melville

Marketing Lead

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Jack Moore

Director & Co-founder

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William Eustace

Senior Business Development Lead

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Matthew Smith

Talent Acquisition Manager

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Patrick Morton

Head of Operations

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Isabella Perrin-Fernandez

Operations Assistant

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Victor Williams

Talent Acquisition Lead

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Glen Giles

Talent Acquisition - Associate Lead

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Eden Spelzini

Business Development Lead

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What we get up to

Our Values

Our growth journey

  • March 2019 WeShape Founded

    Our directors started the business with an aim to produce rapid project turnaround times and build a consultancy network.
  • October 2019 London Tech Leaders Founded

    London Tech Leaders was founded as a subsidiary of WeShape, with the aim of building a diverse and passionate community of senior tech leaders across London and the UK.
  • February 2020 WeShape Diversified into the Public Sector

    Looking to provide solutions in different markets, WeShape moved into work with Public Sector organisations.
  • January 2021 Team of 20 Consultants reached

    WeShape's consultant network has grown to 20.
  • July 2020First Internal Hire Made

    The first internal hire was made in Operations as the team looked to scale the business rapidly.
  • July 2021 Team doubled to 6

    In the space of the few months, Talent Acquisition, Marketing, and Sales hires were made.
  • August 2021 Team of 40 Consultants reached

    The consultant team has doubled in size to become 40 strong in 8 months.
  • November Internal Team 8 strong

    Additional sales and operations hires made, keeping up with the growth of the business.

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