Who we are

We are a conglomerate of Cloud and DevOps professionals offering a genuine solution to those growing frustrated at the increasingly fragmented world of technical consultancy.

We are a company offering a real-world solution to the delivery of complex transformation projects, providing customers with full internal control of their projects and teams.

We are not interested in traditional land and expand missions.

We're interested in elite squads brought together for specific outcome-based objectives offering a long-term vision for self-sufficiency.

We are behind some of the largest communities of DevOps and Cloud professionals in the world and have a pure focus on delivery, not squeezing revenue.

We are offering a solution to those who, like us, who fully appreciate the common irony of debunking old hot air, in a bid to promote new rebranded versions of the same hot air.

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The Team

Our Vision

Our vision is to change the landscape of consulting within the Digital arena.

Utilising our unparalleled network of associates within the Cloud and DevOps space and our ability to bring together delivery functions, we are able to combine technical excellence, operational scalability and cultural enhancement to pivot your brand into a new age in technology.

WESHAPE is a DevOps, Agile and Cloud consultancy with a difference. We focus on accelerating technical capability and innovation immersing your brand with some of the brightest innovators in the technology market - delivering complex solutions to ensure future self-sufficiency.


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