Hear what 100 CTOs think about the state of tech

We interviewed over 100 senior tech leaders around the current state of tech. Find out...

  • What the biggest threat to their organisations is
  • Are they investing in the metaverse
  • Is their IT budget sufficient
  • What has the greatest impact on their ability to innovate

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"WeShape maintained a clear focus on the desired outcomes and navigated through the complexities of the process and the Naked Wines business to deliver some excellent results"

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Who is WeShape?

We are a leading Digital, Data, Cloud, and DevOps Consultancy dedicated to offering genuine, innovative solutions to those growing frustrated by the increasingly fragmented world of technical consultancy.

What solutions do we provide?

During your two-year placement with WeShape, you will have monthly mentoring sessions with one of our lead Technical Consultants. These sessions will provide check-ins where you can discuss all things technology, current project work and gain valuable support.

State of tech: from CTOs

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