November 24, 2022

Movember Interview with Steve

At WeShape, we acknowledge and understand the importance of men’s health; physical and mental. Therefore, we decided to focus on some of our male colleagues to find out more. This week, we interviewed Steven Moore:

Q) What does Movember mean to you?

I think you know, it's more than just growing a moustache. It's, you know, it's the charities and the message behind it, which is, you know, there's two main elements, which is mental health amongst men and testicular cancer amongst men, both which I've been personally affected by. So it's more the message that resonates well with me instead of just the actions of growing a moustache and raising money, which is all good as well.

Q) What do you regard as the greatest challenge for men's health?

I think men struggle quite a lot to talk openly and freely, not just men. But I think men just don't tend to talk enough. It's a hard period in the world for everyone. If you don't have that release, it can really make you feel isolated and alone. I think just let people know it's okay to actually talk openly. If they're feeling something, or they’re going through something that a problem shared is a problem solved. Instead of just dealing with the world on your own at times.

Q) Do you have any tips for men's health?

There’s a problem with mental health. And one reason why I hate it as an illness is because if you break your arm, you break your leg or whatever it might be is always a routine procedure where with mental health, everyone responds differently to whether it's medicine and therapy, speaking. But I think just learning your own traits, working on yourself, researching, reading about why you're feeling a certain way, reading about, you know, how to look out for warning signals. If you're getting into a dark place and just knowing yourself and then you can work towards improving that really. But I think it's more coming to terms with it's alright and then figuring out yourself and then reaching out or doing the relevant work and research to improve yourself.

At WeShape, we are also supporting Vic Williams who is doing the Movember challenge and will match any donation made of up to £500. Click the link  to donate.

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