November 2, 2022

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DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Humans depend on engineered systems to perform their daily tasks. You will find site reliability engineering being performed across various sectors, ranging from household, aviation, and cars, to mobile phones and websites. Our lives have been largely constructed by engineers who have designed systems and brought their ideas to the marketplace.

Whilst engineered systems have many benefits, they also bring risks. The focused questions that you should ask, are how do you know your system is safe and reliable? How do you know the plane won’t crash? In the SRE DevOps space, the question to ask is how do you know the site won’t crash? It does not matter how well-sophisticated systems and sites have been designed, failure always lingers. 

Site Reliability engineering has become a sophisticated and demanding interdisciplinary field where all engineers must ensure the reliability of their designs and products. 

What does site reliability engineering mean?

It means the software that engineers implement must have certain systems put in place that are able to serve as reliable systems that you can trust, for example, they are able to pick up patterns, are self-healing and have fail-safety. 

In the case of SRE DevOps, Reliability means: 

  • Dependable 
  • Fails safety
  • Self-healing 
  • Operates within boundaries
  • Quits are not optional 
  • Engineers define that is dependable 

Therefore, the work that engineers do for their clients is to provide the solution, implement and maintain features to make sure the system is reliable and fail-safe. Once the solution is implemented, it never goes away. This means you don’t have to worry about backups and provides you with confidence that your system is reliable if a problem in the future occurs. Once the problem shows up, you have engineers that know the SRE DevOps system and can come in and provide a fix. 

For clients, site reliability engineering has two benefits. The first is from a strategic point of view that your system is reliable, and built by highly experienced engineers that are able to provide solutions quickly. Secondly, from a monetary point of view, it allows you to be ahead of your competition and overperform your peers.

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