April 26, 2023

How a Site Reliability Engineer Can Help Both You & Your Teams

The Role of SRE DevOps in 2022

DevOps is a discipline that is primarily concerned with making developmental and operational teams work more efficiently, and a Site Reliability Engineer is tasked with ensuring that these two teams are working in harmony with one another. The insights they have can be passed on to all relevant parties to ensure that all team members evolve together, with minimum risk of disruption and friction.

A Site Reliability Engineer is an industry expert with significant high-level experience working as a member of software development teams, as well as operational teams, so they know how each operates and the challenges that face each of them. They know what it takes to ensure pipelines are working as they should and to extract the most out of the resources they are assigned with.

An Overview of Site Reliability Engineering

SRE DevOps can help with the following:

● The introduction and integration of automated processes, wherever profitable and practical.
● A focus on core objectives and the quantifiable tracking of progress
● Increasing reliability and reducing risk where threats are identified
● Developing a healthy culture and encouraging positive behavioural changes
● Higher levels of cross-team collaboration

The value of a Site Reliability Engineer is difficult to understate as the return on investment is potentially unlimited. As teams shift to new ways of working, operational costs can be reduced and income can be generated and reinvested at a much quicker rate. If you choose to work with SREs you are investing in the future of your business. You’ll be giving yourself and your teams the best chance of achieving the goals and aspirations of all concerned and you’ll be demonstrating to everyone that you work with that you are invested in your collective success. If you are concerned with any of the key issues listed above and think that now is the time to invest in specialist DevOps support, SRE DevOps may very well be the solution for you. SREs are being increasingly turned to for the evaluation of infrastructure and resources, along with the identification of security weaknesses and data handling practices. With the help of a Site Reliability Engineer, you can learn how to be proactive rather than reactive, with regard to systemic failures, whilst learning how to observe and measure key data which can then drive your decision-making. In 2022, the role of SRE DevOps has never been so relevant as lead times and resources become increasingly stretched, whilst security vulnerabilities threaten the very existence of organisations that are slow to adapt to change.

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