January 3, 2022

Biggest Takeaways from our DevOps Workshop

Biggest Takeaways from our DevOps Workshop

DevOps Workshop by WeShape

We ran a DevOps workshop last year hosted by WeShape Senior consultant Luke Ashe-Browne, the session included ways DevOps can solve current market problems and provide solutions for technology leaders. Here are some of the key takeaways.

What is DevOps? 

DevOps process is also holistic as it takes everyone into account - from developed to infrastructure engineers and it does not put any over the groups above. Its methodology is designed to improve work throughout the software development lifecycle. It focuses on planning, coding, to building, and releasing the system of operation. Agile and DevOps work hand-in-hand complementing each other, the DevOps side provides a fully automated continuous integration and deployment pipelines. Whereas Agile provides the ability to adapt to the set requirements and work well together between teams.

What is the key difference between the traditional DevOps model to our current solution? 

This was another key takeaway from our DevOps workshop. The old model focused on business defining requirements, in which app teams and developers would build features to then send to the ops team, to then deploy the package and ensure that it runs and is stable. 

The problem with this model is the communication between teams and the difference in motivation in each department. For example, the engineer wants to produce code and get features out, in comparison the operations team is focused on stability and downtime. Both working on the same project have different objectives of the end goal. The software engineers however developed a solution to this problem of mix end aims and developed Agile. This resolves the problem by allowing the team in different departments to come together and work towards the same goal, making the process more efficient and work to run smoothly.  

What is our training about? 

In our DevOps workshop, we also focused on why training is important, so our clients become self-sufficient after working with us. 

Models of training include:

- Sink or swim

- Self-training 

- Pairing / Shadowing 

- Internal training 

- Structured programme

WeShape works with businesses to bring harmonious solutions rather than solving individual problems. With WeShape, incase projects go wrong - this can be mitigated through cadence calls and support throughout the entirety of the project delivery. WeShape aims to work with businesses rather than bringing in individuals to solve problems. Find out more about our services approach here.

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