November 2, 2022

Why is DevOps recruitment Important? - WeShape

DevOps recruitment is important to get right, this is why.

DevOps is a set of practices, philosophies, and tools that allow companies to increase the ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity. The benefits of DevOps include faster speed, rapid project delivery, reliability, scale, improved collaboration, and better security. Serving customers and market demand more effectively and accurately than traditional software development.

However, these benefits are dependent on DevOps recruitment being done correctly. This is where WeShape comes in with an associate consultancy-based solution.

DevOps recruitment is important to get right, as there are risks when getting this wrong. The risks involved include widening skills and capability gaps within your team if new team members don’t have the right skills. This skills gap can also negatively impact timelines and time pressures, delaying project delivery. Increased costs then come into play due to delays, as well as the cost of taking an inexperienced DevOps engineer off a project to bring somebody new in. Engineers that are too junior, while they may be cheaper, will impact your bottom line through increased up-skilling and coaching costs and time spent. Many DevOps recruitment agencies will simply find and place somebody, leaving the rest of it up to the CTO and engineering team to tackle.

What differentiates WeShape is that we bring an associate and consultancy model to recruitment. Our associate model includes on-demand consultants and services, as well as advisory solutions and technical squad implementation. WeShape works with businesses to bring harmonious solutions rather than plugging one or two gaps. WeShape treats DevOps recruitment the same as our technical squads; if projects go wrong - we can mitigate this through cadence calls and support throughout the project delivery. Aiming to work with businesses rather than bringing in individual engineers and developers.

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