August 11, 2022

London Tech Leaders #10 - Emerging Technology

London Tech Leaders #10 - Emerging Technology

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our upcoming event on the 11th of August, we will be joined by an insightful panel of tech leaders to discuss innovative, immersive, and disruptive technology. Expect an open bar on our rooftop, live music, and an engaging networking session with other C-suite technologists and leaders. See venue, panelists, panel topics, band information, and the itinerary below. Plus ones are welcome but they must sign up to attend.

WeShape HQ, 20 st dunstans hill, EC3R 8HL
Building access details will be confirmed via email upon registration

  • What is true disruption in tech, and what are some examples of emerging and disruptive technology in your business?
  • How do you develop a business case for funding a new disruptive product or technology without recurring revenue, and who are the key hires and team members to incubate this idea?
  • How do we ensure disruptive and emerging technologies are inclusive, accessible and responsible before they become mainstream and the industry norm?
  • Is it worth paying to bring in emerging and disruptive skillsets into your organisation before they become mainstream? Through people or processes?
  • What’s missing from disruptive technology to make it blow up?

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