July 6, 2022

London DevOps #68 - Funding Circle

London DevOps #68 - Funding Circle

For our July meetup we will be hosted by Funding Circle. This will be our final event before a summer break. Full agenda to follow.

6:00pm - Arrival

7:00pm - Introductions

7:15pm - Mark Hollands - Funding Circle's DevOps Journey

Mark will take you on a whistle-stop tour of Funding Circle’s DevOps journey. In the past couple of years FC has been working hard on providing the best tooling and platform to enable developers to deliver value to our customers quickly, while maintaining services FC customers can rely on. From migrating CI tooling to Drone CI and shifting containers from Mesos to Kubernetes, Mark will talk through how we have sped up delivery with new tooling and the lessons learnt along the way.

But DevOps is more than just a collection of tools. Mark will also discuss the evolving culture at FC and some changes FC are making to help development teams make best use, and speed up adoption, of new tooling and platforms.

Bio: Mark work’s as part of the Core Platform Team @ Funding Circle, helping to maintain the infrastructure our developers use to build, test and run our applications. Mark specialises in managing Kubernetes and has over a decade of experience in Software and Platform Engineering.

7:50pm - Andrew Hardie - Observability - when three pillars is not enough

The proliferation of containers, Kubernetes and complex deployments of them has led to growing, urgent interest in true Observability to address the shortcomings of traditional monitoring tools in such environments. In this presentation, Andrew will explore the new, emerging field of observability where the traditional three pillars of logs, metrics and traces are no longer not enough to answer those fourth quadrant questions involving unknown unknowns. Like everything to do with DevOps and Platform Engineering, things are changing very fast in this space.

8:30pm - Socials

We'll head over to the pub!

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