March 17, 2023

St Patrick's Interview with Leah

At WeShape, we acknowledge and understand the importance of Irish culture. Therefore, we decided to focus on some of our Irish colleagues to find out more. This week, we interviewed Leah McCarthy, our director's personal assistant.

Q) What does St Patrick’s Day mean to you?

A) I'd say St Patrick’s Day is a nice way to celebrate the Irish culture. It’s not just the story behind it (St Patrick banishing the snakes from Ireland). I think it's the time for Irish people to really celebrate their culture. And it's really nice to see that people do it all around the world as well to celebrate Irish culture in general.

Q) How can others celebrate St Patrick’s Day?

A) I think the way they already do. Like in Chicago, they dye the river green. I think acknowledging some of the Irish traditions or even just kind of understanding where St Patrick's Day comes from and what it means to Irish people is important as well. It's all fun and games going out and having a good time but the meaning behind it as well is important.

Q) Are there any Irish role models that you look up to?

A) Katie Taylor. She’s done a lot for Irish sport, but also women. So you get the best of both.

Q) Has being Irish affected you in your life at all?

A) Well, yeah, I think positively, though, I think Irish people are very welcoming. But it also goes the other way. Like no matter where we go, Irish people are very welcomed and I think that's made a big difference. Personally, I haven't really noticed any negative impacts on my life with being Irish.

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