October 11, 2022

Life at WeShape- September

Life at WeShape- September

Welcome to Life at WeShape, September edition. As the seasons have quickly changed in London from Summer to a rainy Autumn, and yet another busy and exciting month for us, September is at an end.

This September, we’ve had a lot of new starters with us. We’d love to welcome:

  • Ben Simpson- Junior Tech consultant

  • Charlotte Hamilton- Social Media assistant
  • Emily Symonds- Talent Acquisition lead

We are very excited to see how you grow with WeShape and keep smashing it! Also a massive congratulations to Craig Norford (our Tech Pathway’s talent support manager and WeShape’s Technical Consultant) who passed his probation and earned his bobblehead.

We also hosted very interesting tech events last month. On September 13th, we sponsored our 69th London DevOps talk at Meta’s office. Our panellists were:

  • Rodrigo Campos from Meta who discussed building a culture of reliability 
  • Ethan S. from Microsoft who spoke about how to create a DevOps mindset, adoption of DevOps tools and showcasing how far you can go on a budget. 
  • Priyavart Kaushik from Amazon Web Services (AWS) who addressed Multi-tenant Platform Logging for Kubernetes Clusters and how it is crucial for is crucial to help SaaS platform admins and DevOps teams to plan for logging at scale

Additionally, on September 28th, we hosted a Tech Talks event with Glenn Wilson on "The three ways of DevSecOps Resilience over Compliance" at Le Wagon. Glenn has also joined us as a contributing author for the London Tech Leaders blog and we are excited to see his insights into the tech industry.

In September, WeShape were also very proud to celebrate our achievements and have all our hard work acknowledged by winning Vincere.io's 2022 UK award for “Best in Tech Innovation”. 

Finally, last month Chris Monticolombi and Pat Bate participated in Tough Mudder; getting lots of shocks and muddy, wet clothes. A great achievement- well done guys! Speaking of exercise… Last month was also WeShape’s Sports Day. The team got together and headed down to Victoria Park for a few games of rounders, some 100m sprints and bulldog. It was great fun but it’s safe to say that we should probably all stick to tech…

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Isabella Perrin-Fernandez
Isabella Perrin-Fernandez

Isabella is the operations assistant at WeShape and enjoys reading and writing in her free time. As our team expanded, we believed it would be a fun idea to document what we get up to each month, alongside some pictures and a few questions ('get to know the team'). We hope you enjoy these monthly posts from Isabella.

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