April 26, 2023

Life at WeShape- October

¡Hola, it’s time to conclude another busy (and spooky) month at WeShape! October saw multiple events such as Diwali, Spanish lessons, Business Culture Awards and our Q4 kick off.

Although Black history should not just be acknowledged and celebrated within a specific time period, October was Black History month. We decided to highlight Black voices within our company to talk about how they define Black History Month and how others can celebrate it. Click here to see all the interviews. Ben and Steve also attended Black Tech Fest which was interesting to see how powerful and important this space is.

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On October 6th, we attended the Business Culture Awards for Small Organisation of The Year Award as finalists. Although we unfortunately did not win, we certainly had fun; Pat Bate had a good dance and Craig Norford wore a great suit. Thank you to the Business Culture Awards for the recognition of all our hard work and your feedback!

We also co-hosted a few events this month as well! On October 3rd, we hosted a Tech Talk event at Le Wagon London based around “The three ways of DevSecOps Resilience over Compliance” with Glenn Wilson. WeShape Tech Talks is a place for Senior Technologists to learn new technologies, skills and techniques. To register for upcoming Tech Talks, click here.

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On October 10th, we also co-sponsored an Oops event based on incident management with Marilyn Kruger (IG Groups’ Service Delivery Manager) at IG Groups’ offices. This group is a chance to meet fellow minded individuals and learn about IT outage and incident response. To register for upcoming Oops events, click here.

Lastly, we co-sponsored the 70th London DevOps at KPMG’s London offices. Beyond the beautiful views of Canary Wharf and great platter food, we are very proud of this event platform and the growth it has achieved with Matt Saunders, Marc Cluet, Alex Dover and our director, Jack Moore. There are currently 9000+ members in this network and 300+ people signed up to this event. Also, our new Business Development Lead Pat Bate made his first introduction speech at an event! To register for upcoming London DevOps events, click here.

We also had our Q4 kick off this month to make sure everyone is involved as we grow the business and their voices are heard. We discussed coding lessons with our very own expert Craig Norford and Isabella Perrin-Fernandez discussed volunteering opportunities with our partner organisation, the East London Business Alliance

We’d like to say a massive welcome to Jamie Marney who recently joined us as our new Business Development Lead. So far, he has been enjoying catching up with some old and new colleagues.

On October 25th, we launched our Tech Pathway on Instagram to make sure we can keep everyone updated on our social events and new opportunities; follow us here!

Isabella hosted her first Spanish lesson for our team, which was not only a great laugh but we enjoyed learning several phrases that everyone keeps practising around the office. Nos divertimos muchísimo y aprendimos mucho también, ¡gracias Isabella!

In October, WeShape celebrated Vic William’s birthday with a chocolate fudge cake (and vegan cake for Vic) around the office. Happy Birthday again Vic!

Last but not least, check out the fantastic pumpkins everyone made!

Thanks for reading and if you're interested in job opportunities, click here! We are currently hiring for a personal assistant and operations assistant.

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Charlotte Hamilton
Charlotte Hamilton

Charlotte is the social media assistant at WeShape. She has a 2:1 BA in English Literature and enjoys reading and writing in her free time. The Life at WeShape blogs are a fun way to get to know us once a month!

Isabella Perrin-Fernandez
Isabella Perrin-Fernandez

Isabella is the operations assistant at WeShape and enjoys reading and writing in her free time. As our team expanded, we believed it would be a fun idea to document what we get up to each month, alongside some pictures and a few questions ('get to know the team'). We hope you enjoy these monthly posts from Isabella.

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