February 14, 2022

Providing Kubernetes Implementation and Consulting Solutions

Providing Kubernetes Implementation and Consulting Solutions

Kubernetes Consulting and Implementation Services

Kubernetes is an open-source, portable, and extensive platform for managing containerised workloads and services that facilitate both declarative and configuration and automation. 

Kubernetes implementation: Why do you need it and what can it do? 

It is a great way to bundle and run your applications. Kubernetes Implementation solves the problem of application downtime and ensures the system runs efficiently and smoothly allowing for the system to be resilient. Whereas Kubernetes consulting can ensure this runs smoothly 

What does it give you?

  • Service discovery and load balancing 
  • Storage orchestration on multiple platforms 
  • Automatic bin packing 
  • Self-healing 
  • Configurations to store sensitive information in secret

Why is it useful and what benefits can Kubernetes consulting bring?

In order to understand why Kubernetes implementation is useful, you must understand the history of the platform. The traditional deployment era meant that organisations run applications on physical servers, this is important because it meant that there was no way to define resource boundaries for applications, on a physical server which as a result caused many issues. A solution to this was to run each application on different servers which was not only expensive but it did not allow scalability.  From here, a new solution was introduced allowing you to run machines on multiple Virtual Machines. This was better at utilising resources in a physical server and allows better scalability. 

The containment deployment era further has replaced isolation properties to share the Operation System among the applications. Due to their infrastructure, they are portable across clouds and OS distributions. Containers provide numerous benefits from resource utilisations, cloud and OS portability, and more, from here Kubernetes provides the framework for containers. It is a modern new way of providing building blocks. Kubernetes consulting brings the benefits of consulting which include reduced costs and overheads, 

WeShape works with businesses to bring harmonious solutions rather than solving individual problems. WeShape treats Kubernetes Consulting and Kubernetes Implementation the same as our technical squads; if projects go wrong - this can be mitigated through cadence calls and support throughout the entirety of the project delivery. WeShape aims to work with businesses rather than bringing in individual engineers and developers. Find out more about our services approach here.

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