February 2, 2022

Is Choosing DevOps Support the Best Option for You?

Is Choosing DevOps Support the Best Option for You?

If you work in software development you’ll no doubt already be aware that DevOps is a conceptual approach to fully integrating development and operations teams. At its core, it aims to eliminate bottlenecks in the development cycle so that developers aren’t left twiddling their thumbs waiting for Operations teams to check and deploy code.

DevOps is a true game-changer, but its adoption is challenging. For starters, if you’ve not already made a switch towards the DevOps way of working it can be very intimidating to know exactly where best to start. Changes required are systemic, impacting every member of every team and its success depends on
all members working harmoniously with the same shared goals and ambitions.

Facing The Difficulties Head-On With Specialist DevOps Support

To get started on the right footing the best strategy is to seek professional help when faced with new challenges, and DevOps is certainly no exception. The good news is that there is professional, experienced help out there in the form of DevOps Consultancy Services. With the right professional support, you can face common DevOps challenges which include (but aren’t limited to):

● Unifying working environments
● Manual deployment & releases
● Manual testing & data processing
● Integration of the most effective new Tools
● Full integration of teams.
● Coherence strategy and goals
● Standardisation of processes
● Efficient use of resources

CI - Continuous Integration

CI is a practice that introduces automation of operational processes at key stages throughout the development cycle, thus rapidly speeding up the time that it takes to get applications released. CI grants the ability to better deploy and merge code, whilst significantly reducing bugs. These advantages combine to allow the creation of better quality and more robust applications.

CD - Continuous Delivery

CD is concerned with the delivery and development of code in the shortest amount of time. With Continuous Delivery, development cycles are kept to strict schedules, with the introduction of automated processes including testing and deployment.

A targeted Approach

The case for employing DevOps Consultancy services is further shored up with the advantages gained from a wholly targeted strategy. The first role of a skilled DevOps Consult will be to assess current practices, infrastructure, and culture. They’ll spend the time necessary to work out where the biggest areas for improvement lie and where new resources are best focussed. Your support will be appropriate to your specific setup, your personnel, and your collective goals and ambitions. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to DevOps consultancy, just targeted plans built to deliver your objectives from the ground up. As DevOps is such a systemic discipline there is no standardised prescription that will ensure the best results for every single company. It takes the experience and industry knowledge of a seasoned IT professional to deliver bespoke DevOps Support.

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