September 1, 2021

Breaking Down The Differences Between DevOps & SRE consulting

Breaking Down The Differences Between DevOps & SRE consulting

Are you unsure whether you need DevOps or SRE consulting? In this article, we’ll delve into the differences between the two to give you a clearer understanding and help you determine which one suits your needs best.

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and DevOps are both very effective approaches towards managing and maintaining complex software systems, but the two are not mutually exclusive. Whilst they do overlap in a few key areas and ultimately share many objectives and principles, there are some important distinctions to make between SRE and DevOps.

If we take a look at SRE first; SRE's primary goal is to increase reliability via the introduction of bespoke, often complex systems, with an additional focus on reducing downtime and enhancing products for the end-user. SRE is a champion of automation, introducing automated testing and monitoring to ensure that any issues are quickly flagged-up and addressed.

DevOps, on the other hand, is essentially a way of working, a highly collaborative approach which incorporates all activities within the development. As with SRE DevOps aim is to increase reliability, and make better use of resources. The DevOps approach also introduces automated processes, and is proactive in targeting potential difficulties which must be overcome.  

Breaking Down The Key Differences Between SRE & DevOps

Here we’ll spell out the main differences between Site Reliability Engineering and DevOps, and why they are two different disciplines for a reason. Whilst the main focuses between the two approaches intersect, SRE is weighted more towards system reliability and availability, whereas DevOps more closely focuses on speeding up software delivery and is more geared towards shifting cultural practices, ensuring that development and operational teams are working collaboratively at all times.  

The main responsibilities between the two also differ in that SRE consulting teams are primarily responsible for designing and operating, often large and intricate systems, in an attempt to reduce downtime and improve the overall user experience. DevOps consulting teams are responsible for the entire software development lifecycle, from design through to development and eventual deployment.

A further distinction between the two emerges when we look at how they use metrics. Where SRE consulting focuses more heavily on metrics related to system reliability, such as uptime, latency, and error rates. DevOps consulting has a greater emphasis on metrics related to software delivery, such as lead time, deployment frequency, and mean time to recovery.

Being two separate entities, SRE and DevOps also employ different tool sets. SRE uses tools such as monitoring, automated testing, and incident response systems. DevOps, on the other hand, uses tools including continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, configuration management tools, and platforms which facilitate greater levels of collaboration.

Whilst the differences between SRE and DevOps listed above do necessitate the need for distinct professional roles responsible for each, they are not mutually exclusive and ultimately complement each other very well. Both approaches can be very effective in improving software reliability, scalability, delivery, and collaboration.

For cost-effective assistance, we recommend seeking expert help from an IT consultancy firm who specialises in SRE consulting and DevOps consulting and who offers fully tailored solutions to meet your precise needs.


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