Training & Coaching

Upskilling your workforce is fundamental.

WeShape provides a range of training across Cloud adoption, optimization, agile and scrum best practices, technology enablement all to help accelerate your technology transformation and ensure your internal teams are upskilled and engaged.

Training is typically delivered in the form of a consultative engagement, where our consultants will seek to understand the business context for the training requirements before delivering an on-site/off-site workshop.

Our consultants are industry experts and our workshops will be tailored to the businesses requirements.

Areas we cover

The benefits

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Training workshops with industry leading experts

WESHAPE Trainers are experts in their respected fields, hands-on practitioners and have a passion for upskilling teams.
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Internal teams up-skilled, increasing technical and operational efficiency

WESHAPE Trainers encourage your teams to test new tools, experiment & develop their skillsets to drive increased productivity & efficiency.
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Tailored workshops across full technology suite

WESHAPE training workshops are designed to up-skill, refresh and expand your internal technical capability, ensuring you remain competitive.
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Improved quality of software engineering and cultural practices

WESHAPE Trainers will ensure your internal engineering teams are ready to deliver projects with new profound techniques.