Talent Advisory

Technical talent has never been harder to attract, hire and retain.

Talent strategy is being disrupted at a rate never seen before. Organisations are being forced to adapt as the workforce, particularly in technology, looks for a new way to work.

WeShape offers talent advisory services to ensure your organisation remains ahead of the curve in an ever-increasing and competitive race for the best talent.

We utilise our extensive industry expertise and network, deploying a consultant best suited for your unique business challenges. All our consultants are experienced industry-leading recruitment consultants, thought leaders with a passion for transforming talent functions.

Our consultants have worked across various technology markets, have seen first-hand what strategies work and don’t, will get hands on and ensure your business builds a competitive advantage.

We are game changers and will set you apart from the competition.

Some of our features...

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Talent Process Review

Talent attraction is a rapidly evolving business challenge, and businesses often struggle to keep pace. Without constant adaptation, you’ll lose out on top talent to your competitors, stifling innovation and impacting the wider business.

We start all of our engagements with a brutally honest review of your talent process, from employer branding right through to onboarding and beyond. We’ll benchmark you against your competitors, as well as the wider market where relevant.
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Employer Value Proposition

Your EVP is what defines you to potential employees - what sets you apart from your competitors, your brand image, and why candidates would want to work from you.

It’s a crucial yet often overlooked and underappreciated aspect of the talent process. A great EVP works on your behalf, attracting the best technical talent passively.

We work with you on shaping your EVP into exactly what your target hires want to see, and leveraging your strengths in the best possible way.
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Process Management

The results of a bad process can be felt across the business - loss of the best candidates to competitors, wasted hiring manager time, and increased quantity of mis-hires. We’ll fine-tune your processes, from first outreach through to offer.

We’ve previously run workshops with hiring managers on interview techniques, and will work within your organisation to ensure your processes remain as lean and fast as possible, whilst retaining the rigour required to make a quality hire.
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The best talent strategies don’t end with a hire. We’ll work with you to build or improve your candidate onboarding process to be best in industry.

Once your employees are fully onboarded, we can partner with our technical associates to adapt and evolve your engineering culture. This will not only make it more appealing to candidates, improving your EVP and retention, but will make sure your teams are continually innovating and improving.