Technical Squads

Advance your technology platforms.

Want a ready-made technical squad to deliver specific products/projects? We deploy pre-gelled teams to advise, lead and implement technical solutions.

We focus on three primary areas

  • Bootstrapping technology projects (Brownfield/Greenfield environments)
  • Acceleration of technical delivery (Design, build and implementation of technical solutions)
  • Training/Workshops - Technology implementation and engineering best practices

WeShape Technical Squads are the ideal solution when looking to advance your technology platforms, supplement internal skills & capability gaps or scale your engineering capability for large scale transformations.

The benefits

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Self-sufficient, knowledge and IP transfer

WESHAPE consultants will ensure your teams are fully self-sufficient and required IP is transferred as we phase off the project.
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Strengthen your internal capability

WESHAPE Squads are made up of industry-leading technical talent, we offer an effective solution for customers looking to deliver strategic initiatives and high-quality outcomes.
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Specifically assembled squads to deliver outcome-based solutions

WESHAPE Squads are pre-gelled teams of industry-leading specialists who fix problems, design and build solutions.
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Accelerate your delivery, focus on strategy

WESHAPE Squads are available on demand and can be deployed at relatively short notice, we have one of the largest networks of technical professionals.