Shape Your Culture

Pivot into the 'new world of digital'.

SHAPE Your Culture is a medium to long term solution that will enable you to accelerate your Digital journey, become self-efficient and take control of your roadmap through your internal teams. We look to build effective partnerships which fundamentally enable you to pivot into the 'new world of digital' by accelerating these efforts. With our expertise and unparalleled network, we have the ability to build high performing solutions in a partnership, which focus on the people, process and market perception. Through our community-led events and structured frameworks, SHAPE ensures your brand is well positioned within the technology market to ensure you don't become consultancy dependent.

Business Challenges

– Lack of true cultural adoption within organisations, including wider business resistance
– Unknown brand within the technology community, often perceived as 'legacy'
– Outdated processes & methodologies impacting talent attraction
– Lack of engagement with the Tech community

The benefits

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Accelerate your digital delivery

SHAPE Squads are pre-gelled teams of industry-leading specialists who fix problems, design and build solutions. Your engineering teams will work with the best talent within the market.
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Digital, business and operational alignment

Our advisory consultants & industry leading coaches will distinguish cultural gaps within the organisation, re-align the digital and business agenda and instill effective working practices to drive operational efficiency across the engineering teams.
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Brand pivoted into the new world of Digital

SHAPE are hosts of two leading technology meetups - DOXLON and London DevOps. Collectively, we will promote your brand, case studies and newly enhanced digital capability to the brightest minds within the technology community.
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Become self-sufficient

Our SQUADS will be paired with your internal engineering teams to upskill as ensure there are minimal skills gaps when we phase out.
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